How To Feel Better In This Economy

Mandy C.
6 min readOct 17, 2022

How I channeled my shame and guilt from my financial losses.

The current economy may make it difficult for us to feel abundant.

Even though I preach about having an abundance mindset, there are still times I don’t feel like it, especially these days. (cry cry)

In fact, I want to be honest with you.

I recently suffered some financial losses because of my poor decisions, although those decisions were not financially related!

Okay, Let’s don’t go there.

And there were times it was not even about attracting abundance with an abundant mindset, because all I wanted was to just feel better.

So yes, let’s not dwell in Lalaland.

Let’s have some practical tips for channelling this negative energy or mental block into something positive, so that we can uplift our energy, feel more abundant, and re-open ourselves to opportunities.

1. Work on Our Money Beliefs, Stage by Stage

Before we even start the conversation. Please be reminded that, just like everything else, our financial situation is just a circumstance created by our thoughts, feelings and actions.

So instead of feeling passive in your current financial situation, know that you always have the absolute freedom to change one thing —

Your Thoughts,

Which can create a new result for you.

I know it can be hard to feel stuck one day and get unstuck the next.

Mandy C.

Licensed Corporate Finance Adviser, Spiritual Wealth Coach, Podcast Host