How to Use Credit Cards Like the Rich and Smart

Mandy C.
4 min readOct 2, 2022

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

In this article, I’ll share five tips for using your credit cards smartly to avoid digging yourself into a financial mess. (like I did before)

I’ve been implementing these tips, and they’ve been great at helping me stay ahead of my finances.

Let’s go.

Tip 1: Choose a Credit Card That Is Suitable for You

One of the perks of having a decent credit score is getting any card you want.

Depending on what is important, you can choose between simplicity and maximization, cash back, and travel rewards cards.

I love simplicity, so I got a cashback card because it instantly gives me a percentage back every time I purchase something.

Plus, I don’t have to manage or remember anything when using a cashback card.

I’d also not hesitate to get travel rewards cards because they’ll allow me to maximize the value of my rewards.

Every time I make a purchase, I’ll be rewarded with points I can redeem for airline tickets, hotel stays, etc.

Overall, I recommend starting with one general rewards card that can cover most of your spending.

Then, consider additional cards if you really want certain perks or want to maximize rewards value even more.

Tip 2: Use 20% of your limit



Mandy C.

Licensed Corporate Finance Adviser, Spiritual Wealth Coach, Podcast Host